Marmara Beach, Greece, 2016.    

Marmara Beach, Greece, 2016.


Katrina Inagaki

Born and raised in downtown New York City, Katrina jokes she is a "Slo-Asian." Her mother is a Slovenian painter and her father is a Japanese producer and she is a first generation American storyteller. Katrina believes that her job is to live out the tragicomedy of human experience in front of people to help them make sense of, or escape, their own lives. As a kid studying Alexander Technique and iambic pentameter, Katrina began to feel she was more comfortable being herself on stage than off, and has been acting ever since. She's passionate about creating authentic leading roles for women of color. Dear universe, may she play: a brilliant political journalist in a Shonda Rhimes show, a dry humored computer programmer who outsmarts all the man-boys in a Mike Judge show, a closeted lesbian housewife in a Todd Haynes film, and a lovable curmudgeon lawyer in her own show.

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Weston Award for Artists, Brown University
Jack Oakie Comedy Award, USC School of Cinematic Arts
Best Comedy, NY Downtown Film Festival


Manager: Wendy Peldon, Caviar Entertainment, 310-402-2832

TV/Film: Courtney Peldon, Aqua Talent Agency, 310-859-8889

Commercial: Mariel Rivera, The Republic Agency, 310-596-5611

Manager (Literary): Noah Rothman, Underground Film,